Student Leadership Taster Programmes 2022-2023

The Taster Programmes aim at cultivating and exploring students' leadership potential and interest via different tasks. After completion, students would be empowered and eligible for other advanced leadership programmes.


Leadership Potential

The course provides different leadership skillsets, which enable participants to evoke their leadership potential and cooperating ability.

Forward Thinking

It focuses on diffferent learning methods and mindsets allowing participants to create their future.

Life Experiencing

Through constructive discussions and activities, participants will be able to understand various social issues with a holistic perspective and be more encouraged to serve others.

Practical Skills

By learning diversified practical skills, participants can apply their knowledge in their daily lives.

Programme Features

  • Flexible Scheduling with Progression Pathways
  • Diversity and Full of Fun
  • With learning reports
  • Be awarded with a Certificate of Participation*

*Participants completing four programmes will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

  • To develop participants' confidence and interest in public speaking

  • Learning how to write a speech and mastering essential public speaking skills

  • To learn the basic theories of communication

  • To understand the key concepts of communication skills and rules

  • Exploring individual communication mode

  • Practising different communication skills and avoiding communication blindspots
  • To learn key theories and steps of creative problem-solving

  • To help participants understand their capacity in problem-solving 

  • Participating in Court Decode Team Challenges, where groups can work towards accomplishing an escape from detention cells and decrypting the passwords in Old Court

  • To understand concepts and key points of successful teamwork

  • To learn about collaboration and problem-solving in different circumstances

  • Joining newly designed challenges team building, problem-solving and communication 

  • Acquiring analysis reports and 360 Peer Evaluation report in the assessment session with the use of "Multi-factor Leadership Questionaire" 
  • To enhance participants' communication skills, improve verbal expressions in teams and hence develop clarification skills

  • Partaking in brand-new team challenges in four stages, namely, observing, constructing, delivering and composing, in order to achieve a boost in team morale and to build bounds among members

  • To have basic understanding of the operation of the Hong Kong Judiciary System

  • To grasp the basic principles under the concept of Rule of Law

  • Introducing the daily operation of a court and the Hong Kong Judicial System through a thematic guided tour 

  • Illustrating important concepts of the Rule of Law through group activities 
  • To sharpen participants' knowledge and leadership skills in event planning

  • To nurture participants' ability in leading groups and implementing large-scale events

  • Conducting case studies to enhance participant's practical skills on challenges in the process of group debriefing and discussions 

  • Leading group activities in Self-Lab with instant performance feedback  

  • To enhance participants' interview skills, paving the way for further studies and career development

  • Getting tips on how to prepare for interviews, such as research skills and mental rehearsal 

  • Refining your answering skills on how to effectively  present your experience and qualification through storytelling 
  • Joining the CV review session and learn how to write an impactful resume
  • To master a strategic teamwork concept 

  • To understand personal competence in mental skills and physical abilities

  • Joining team work strategic thinking challenge and personal aptitude test

  • Measuring one's different abilities with technology gadgets and generating assessment result of team performance
  • Learning different concepts and equip global knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Learning different concepts and applications in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Reflecting personal values and the sustainable living style through group discussions and activities 
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